Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer 2012

Having summers off is an amazing gift. It's the perfect time to relax, spend time with friends, and get stuff done!! I love summer and 7 weeks ago after waving goodbye to that last yellow bus, I sat down and wrote out the things I wanted to accomplish. 

First I counted out how many days I had and discovered that with weekend days, I had 55 glorious days of freedom, so I wrote down 55 things I would like to accomplish, and today I crossed off the last thing (with 3 days to spare I might add)!

Most of the things on the list were things I wanted to accomplish in the house with cleaning and organizing, and it feels so good to feel like my house is tidy and orderly going into a new school year! And although I'm sure you would love to see pictures of me cleaning all my baseboards, I think what I will want to remember from this summer won't just be what I got accomplished, but all the fun I had in between through what else but instagram photos!

This picture was from day one of summer!! This shows how many of my days began: no alarm clock, hitting the pavement with Katie, and a green smoothie. Perfection!

A whole lot of our summer was spent working on our basement renovation which you can read all about at my other blog rooted in love home, in case you missed it!

Here are Jason and Sophie hard at work one night.

 On June 3rd, I celebrated my birthday, and Jason treated me to a pancake breakfast...

....and some sweet decorations!

The next week, I got to spend some time with my awesome Grandma! We started with a lunch date...

 ...and then headed to my cousin's house to meet her new sweet baby boy!

An unexpected blessing this summer was getting to teach some swimming lessons and make some extra spending money by just hanging out at the pool an hour a day. Yes please! I had a blast with this little swimmer and her froggy friend.

One of my favorite summer activities is reading! I read some great nonfiction books this summer by Malcolm Gladwell including Tipping Point and Outliers. I also devoured a few more mindless reads through some fiction by Emily Giffin including Something Borrowed and Something Blue. All great books in their own rights! Of course reading outside with the company of my pups makes anything great.

One of my favorite days of the summer was taking two of my nieces and a friend to Six Flags!! We had an absolute blast, and they haven't stopped talking about it! It was great to have the opportunity to give such joy to them, they said it was the best day ever! It doesn't take much!

We had the honor of attending my dear friend Julie's wedding at the end of June, our favorite part was seeing the Burdett family!

I also had lunch with Ms. Noelle and her mama last week, but we didn't take a picture. I love this little face!

VBS has always been a highlight of my summer! This year I got to teach at our new church, and it was a blast. Telling hundreds of kids about their creator and savior Jesus is a great way to spend a week of summer in my opinion!

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary on June 20th, and enjoyed a night on the town. It was a great night!

We spent a week at student life camp as well where we got to teach and serve with the students from our church. The theme was on being audacious, the whole experience was awesome!

Our family sang at a church one Sunday, and my sister, mom, and I all accidentally matched in our polka dot dresses, so we embraced the cheesiness. I love those ladies.

 We had a great weekend with some of our nieces and nephews. We enjoyed making cow costumes, cow appreciation day, movies, and pool time!

Some people were more enthusiastic than others, haha...

Our latest fun outing was going to the Dark Night Rises Premier. It was a great movie and a great time, but I'm heartbroken over the tragedy in Colorado. It's a great reminder that life is short, and that we must redeem the time!

I'll end with this picture of one of our weekend dates with our niece Madison from early in the summer 
Pool, laughs, lazy days, and smiles: the epitome of summer.

Although I hate to see the summer go, I'm excited for a new school year and all the adventures that lie ahead too!