Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

If my blog is anything, it's inconsistent, but I have blogged about both our Easters and Christmases since we have been married, and I am not one to ruin a tradition!

Friday we went to the Good Friday Atlanta service put on by Passion City Church, and it was incredible: a beautiful and moving celebration of the cross!

Our Easter day was very busy, but wonderful.
We started out going to a sunrise service my Dad preached at. 
It was a sweet time with family! 
My Dad gave out these little red glass stones and told us to remember that as our drop of blood.

It was also neat because one set of my great grandparents are buried at this church, and my dad talked about my grandfather riding his horse to this church and playing games in the church yard.

The sunrise was so beautiful. 
I wish I could see this view as my Great Grandfather did, before it was altered with power lines and shopping malls.
(but then again, I am a fan of electricity and Target, haha!)

Here are some pics of my fam:

 Mom, Dad, and bro!
 Trying to embrace the flare here, I need to read more about the best placement for the sun...
 Isn't my sister pretty? 
They are getting married in 2.5 months!!

We went to the early service at our church, and then tried to get a "family picture" with the pups.

As you can see, epic fail.
Our heads were cut off in every one, and we were both over trying to try for another one, so I embraced the crazy perspective.

Ha, sweet pups:

We went to my aunt's for lunch, but I didn't take any pictures there.
Then we rounded out the night at Jason's sister's house with these sweet nieces and nephews:

 A bit o' Easter baseball
 With Paw Paw on the pitchers mound
And an egg hunt to round out the night!!

It was a great day!
I was particularly struck this year by the crazy contradiction that the cross is. As my pastor said, the cross was an instrument of torture. Can you imagine if people wore electric chairs around their neck? But, the cross was made beautiful by the love that was given there.

Oh the wonderful Cross
Oh the wonderful Cross
Bids me come and die to find that I may truly live

Oh the wonderful Cross
Oh the wonderful Cross
All who gather here, by grade draw near, and bless Your name

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