Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrating Friends: Red and Teal Baby Shower

If anything characterizes this year so far, I think it's celebrating friends.
So far this year, I have at least 5 friends who are having babies, and at least 4 getting married (one being my sister, eek!)
That all adds up to a lot of showering and celebrating, which is fine by me, because what could be better? Especially since all of this celebrating just reminds me how richly I've been blessed with great friends.

 These two are some of my oldest friends, and after a night of reminiscing and catching up, I found this quote to be oh so true:
"The most beautiful discovery true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."-Elisabeth Foley

So when we found out Mattie was expecting her first child: a precious girl to be named Claire, we could think of nothing better than getting together to celebrate it!

And since good 'ol blog land is where so much of my inspiration is found, I only feel it to be right to send some inspiration right back out! I like things with themes and I somehow landed on hearts and the colors red and teal. And from that came the idea of a "Baby love" shower.

The decorations were simple, and slightly thrown together in execution since we only had an hour between church and the shower beginning, but still cute I think!
 Red and Teal Pom-poms: How-to
TIP: I got the red tissue paper for half off because it was packaged as valentine's day. Always a great idea to look for useful things in those seasonal sales!
TIP: Don't try to hang the pom-poms in one minute flat because you are running out of time. They will fall all throughout the shower.

All signage and cupcake toppers made on picnik, may we all have a moment of silence since it is closing....
BUT, I just read about a new picnik that is coming!!! It's called picmonkey, sign up to be notified when it is ready here.

I may try to do a how-to on making the cupcake toppers in a separate post. I searched for one when setting out to make them myself, but just had to make it up as I went.

I also made name-tags for all family members, modeled by this sweet cousin here:

Just picnik design+ print out+ laminate+hole punch+add ribbon!
Blue poof ball as hair is totally optional while wearing your name tag, just fyi.

And love abounded like it always does:
 Best friends in awe of all the generous gifts from a beautiful family of God's people.

 Another set of best friends, in a different stage of life, sharing a laugh

Sweet Smiles between a seasoned Grandma and her granddaughters.

Looking forward to much more celebrating to come!