Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sophie is one!

I've been a bad blogger and pet mom, because I never really wrote about our new addition: Sophie!

That's right, way back in October, we got another dog! The why and the how of getting her was crazy. We went out of town in September, and the week after we got back, Zero was acting crazy. In three days, he scratched the door frame, destroyed his food bowls, and demolished the entire grill cover. This was very uncharacteristic of him, so I began to research and found that dogs can have separation anxiety and will, as a result, tear things up. We couldn't let him keep destroying everything, so even though I'm sure it makes us certifiably crazy, we decided to get another dog. Yes, that's right, we got a dog for a dog!

We wanted to try to adopt a dog this time, and I found out that our local shelter was having some promotions to increase adoptions, and that they were waiving adoption fees. Since my favorite price of all is free, I was even more excited about the idea.

We did some crazy things like going to a midnight madness thing that was suppose to be like a Black Friday deal. We met some very interesting characters, but didn't end up getting a dog that night. (Chalk that up to something we will only do when we are young and childless). After a few more visits, we found our girl! 

We brought her home on October 29th, and found on her papers that she was born on February 17th, 2011, just days after Zero's first birthday! She and Zero get along so well!! They play together, never fight over food, and even share one dog house. 

Cell phone sneak attack picture, but can I get a collective awww?

Soon after we got her, she and Zero made their neighborhood debut on Halloween as Salt and Pepper:

She is certainly sassy, and very princess like. For some unknown reason, she loves to be on top of our outside table. We like to joke that she is just too good for the ground:
Sorry to anyone who has dined with us outside, I promise we have/will clean the table. 

While most dogs love to roll in the dirt, this girl will take a chair, thank you very much:

She is certainly a Daddy's girl. Her newest trick is playing frisbee with Jason. A few times she has been able to catch it in the air!

She is also a major snuggler:
Terrible picture, but how cute are they?

Not to be outdone by her brother's glasses pictures, we had a photo shoot for her first birthday. 

Call me a crazy dog lady if you will, but anyone who has ever loved and been loved by a pet with attest to how special they are!

Happy Birthday Sophie girl!