Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas this year as always!
This blog is all over the place, but I do like that it serves as a keeper of our memories. In fact, I looked back at our post from last year to settle a question about what we had done. It's crazy how quickly memories escape us. At Christmastime, I am especially keen on traditions and memory making.

So, right in line with that, we continued our tradition of going to see a movie on Christmas Eve. This year, we saw...
The Muppet Movie! Jason was thrilled about the scene to pose with:
Some of my friends had been posting on facebook about the treats they had been making which made me wish I had made plans for some. So we went by Publix and got the makings for Oreo truffles. New tradition? I think so.

We actually went to two Christmas Eve services this year. One at Jason's family's church and then one at our church (which we joined last Sunday!); Both were wonderful and full of joy and reflection. At our service we were able to take communion and then pray as a family. I'll never get over the fact that Jesus came.

Between the two services, we had a dinner of taco soup. Delish!
We went to bed, and I'll admit, I couldn't sleep very well. There is just something magic about Christmas Eve night.

We woke up Christmas morning and the magic began:

Jason cooking breakfast: bacon, eggs, and french toast. What a man!
 Christmas breakfast table: please note the precious eyes peering in the window.
 Jason reading Luke 2: the true "magic" of the day.  God coming as a helpless baby to save us? Wow.

This quote from Donald Miller really spoke to me this year:
 "I can't think of a better way for God to enter the world than as an infant. He became on of His creation, for the sake of His creation. For a period in world history, mankind changed the diapers of God. He nursed at his creation's breast. How discerning of him. What a fantastic way to build a bridge between infinite God and finite man. He depended on us for food and shelter and even life. He gave up power and control in an effort to love and rescue. Merry Christmas indeed!"
The pups enjoying the breakfast bounty:

 Next, we opened presents. Jason was so sweet and thoughtful, he is lavish with his love. He gave me all you see pictured (including jewelry hidden on the tree, a Christmas book for my collection for future kiddies, and a favorite childhood Christmas movie) as well as tickets to go to see lights at the Botanical Gardens. My man, he is tops.
 I did my best to speak Jason's love language through blu-rays, clothes, a new grill cover, and some hot sauce. I told him his presents were very manly, and that we were officially dorks since we got each other superhero shirts. 
 We got ready and headed to a beautiful Christmas morning service at church.

I'm calling this the official Christmas picture of 2011:
Next, we headed to my Mom and Dad's for some yummy christmas lunch. Many wonderful times have been had around this table with these wonderful faces:
 Present giving ensued where we were lavished with way too many wonderful gifts as evidenced by this before and after shot of the living room:


Joy commenced with some self-timer picture taking. I love my family:

 We topped off the evening with a favorite family past-time: board game playing. This particular game had Jason making donkey impressions from Shrek: hilarious.

Next, we headed over to Jason's parent's house. I don't take for granted the fact that both of our awesome families live in the same county as us. A great blessing for sure!

Christmas magic and joy was put into hyperdrive with these sweet kiddos around:

 (This is post finding some tinted chapstick in her stocking, oh my! Haha!)

 We had more delicious food and were overwhelmed with many more extremely generous gifts. Honestly, our families are amazing. Then, we talked them into some more self-timer picture taking:

(I love how all the kids followed Jason in sticking out their booties, what a influence! Ha!)

We headed back to my parents house to end the night with a hilarious and creative scavenger hunt! My Dad is so creative in making up the clues!

We headed home and fell exhausted into our beds. We drank up all the sweet goodness that Christmas had to offer us: spending time as a couple, sweet time with family, and worshiping our sweet savior. What a joy, what a gift, what an abundant life!

Merry Christmas 2011!

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  1. Looks like a magical Christmas! Happy New Year!