Monday, September 26, 2011

All of us like you.

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite students who happens to have special needs gave me this beautiful note.

It's hard to read, but the time she took to type it and highlight it in pink had to be taken note. It says:

You are the greatest teacher ever. All of us like you.

How powerful. How beautiful. How profound.

This child, who understands at about the capacity of a first grader spoke more truth into my heart with those 11 words than any accomplished author or scholar ever has or will.

Now, do I believe I am the greatest teacher ever?
FAR from it, I assure you.

And do I think every single one of my students like me?
Absolutely not.

But sweet Hannah reminded me of a lesson that we can all learn from and be reminded of.

I am valuable.

What if we had this outlook on life? Instead of the constant questioning, comparing, and degrading of ourselves, taking on the attitude that...All of us like you!! Of course not in a conceited way, but instead in a way that asserted our own value.
One of my teacher friends who is going through some very hard times right now sent me an email that a friend encouraged her with that instructed her to envision the Lord enjoying her all day. What a thought, but how true! After all, it is in Him where our value comes, and how He does love and delight in us! If we would only believe it! 

Just as Abileen's mantra from The Help said, what if I believed AND worked to show others that...

You is kind.
You is Smart.
You is Important.

 Did you hear that? You are valuable and ALL OF US LIKE YOU!

I really do believe that all of my struggles would be solved if I could come to really believe this. No more self doubt, no more destructive behaviors, no more comparisons to others, no more jealousy. Just believing in myself, treating myself with value, deciding what to be and being it! Just love and acceptance for myself and for all who I come in contact with.

Really, this is the whole message of Jesus and the mission of my life. 

To love and be loved.

Hey you,

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