Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Journey Continues

Two years ago, as I finished up the most amazing student teaching experience anyone could ever ask for, my mentor (who is one of the greatest teachers and people I have ever known) surprised me with the most amazing and emotional moments I have ever experienced.

He had all the students leave the room, and then asked me to close my eyes and take him by the hand.

 And, at the end of a seemingly long walk, he leaned in and whispered...

This is where your journey begins.

Then, I walked down the hall as the entire 7th grade stood and cheered.

I don't think I'll ever forget that moment, and what it meant to me. I think of it often even now.

A few months later, I was praying and pleading that I would somehow secure a teaching job in a dried up market, and I was so, so thankful when I got the call from E.T. Booth Middle School, first inviting me to interview and then offering me a job.

For the past two years, I have had the honor of working at Booth. I prayed when I got the job that I would not forget how badly I wanted it and how blessed I was to get it.

A few months ago, I interviewed and was hired at a new elementary school in my county. I'll be teaching 6th grade there, and although I am very excited about it, I am so sad to leave the place that first made me a "real teacher".

I have taught a total of three years (including one as a student teacher), and for each year I have an envelope with letters I received.

I took some time tonight and looked back over these letters; the representation of this journey that I'm on, and I was so, so blessed by them once again...

2008-2009 Student Teaching at MMS:

Some letters made me laugh...

Some made me cry....

2009-2010 School Year BMS:
 And with each letter, you pray that sometime between the "Please sit down and don't talk"s and the "Do you have your homework"s, that you truly did impact their lives...

2010-2011 School year BMS:

You pray that perhaps sometime in the future, they might remember something you said or did and that it will make a difference...

...and you see just how much these "students" have taught you...

As I look back over my journey thus far, I see more than just students. I see so many teaching giants that have stood in front of and beside me.

From my own K-12 teachers to the many great professors I had at Berry including the late Dr. Prince who penned this kind observation that I will always cherish...

to the friends and teammates I am so very sad to leave behind at Booth who's emails and letters I will also hold dear...

I'm so thankful for each person that God has placed alongside of me along this journey. And as the journey continues, I know I can trust Him to plan and guide each step.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Chelsea. It shows the world the powerful and beautiful human connection that learning with children and with other inspirational teachers brings to our lives in education. Thank you for taking the time to create this post. You have inspired me to do great things next year! Enjoy 6th grade. They are a hoot!

  2. O man I so wish you could have been my teacher at some point in my schooling career! You are such a wonderful teacher and although you never taught me in the classroom, I sure did learn a lot from you big sister!