Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's been quiet around here lately, but tonight, in my own moment of quiet, I'm finding time to reflect on the past month of beauty I have experienced.

Contrary to the quietness here, this has been a hum-dinger of a month. On March 5th, my baby sister promised her hand to the man she loves.

That same week, we signed a contract on our first home. Yup, the months of blogs about longing-for-a-home will soon be over. We are hopefully closing on April the 8th. I'm considering making a rooted in love home blog that catalogs the whole experience of buying and decorating. Because, I could totally go for being on of those "famous" home-bloggers. Hey, it could happen. : )

Then, this past weekend on March 20th, my best friend became a Mama.

It has been a month full of moments I will never forget. A month full of beauty.

Beautiful: Realizing my little sister is becoming an amazing woman.

Beautiful: The faces of grandparents and aunts as they see their precious granddaughter and niece for the very first time.

Beautiful: Uncontainable excitement for a undoubtedly amazing future together.

Beautiful: The earnest prayer of promise of a Godly man for his brand new granddaughter

Beautiful: The unbelievable, unbreakable, undeniable love of a mother

Beautiful: The fact that we can continue in the Love of Christ

Beautiful: The fact that He numbered every. single. hair.

Edited to Add:
My Best Friend's Mom (pictured above seeing her grandbaby for the first time), just emailed me this and I had to share it here so I would have it forever:

Your camera eye is amazing. You have the heart of a poet. Did you ever read the play Our Town in high school? If so, you may remember when Emily is in heaven and she wants desperately to go back and relive a day of her life. Somewhere along the way, she asks, "Do people ever realize life while they are living it?" THAT's what someone with a poet's heart recognizes, and you captured that with your camera on Sunday. How can we ever thank you for that?

She is too kind in what she says about my "eye", but this encapsulates what I was trying to say here and what I love about photography. May we all always see these beautiful moments in our every day life and live our lives with poet's hearts.