Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Shower Wreath Tutorial

As promised, here is how I made the pink feather wreath I used for my BFF's baby shower:

I knew I wanted something for the door, so I started brainstorming. I happened to have two pink feather boas on hand (doesn't everyone?). One was from my bachelorette party and one was from a news years eve party.

So I started searching for images, and I found this (among others):

$40? Granted it has an embroidered sash, but I think I could really go into business here. 

I found a scrap piece of leftover foam board we had, and started creating.
Now, here is where my friends are going to start cracking up, because guess what I used to trace for the base of the wreath...

You got it. The 2.00 Goodwill basket!!

They were joking with me at the shower that I post about this basket all.the.time, and that I could probably do a blog JUST about the basket! Haha! Well, here it is, use #476!

Anyways, I cut around the outside of the basket with an exacto knife, and then made the center hole with by tracing the top of one of my bowls.

Next I just started wrapping the boas around the foam board cut out and securing them with a thumbtack, like so...

Since I had two different shades of pink, I alternated the colors making the striped effect. Two boas was plenty for full coverage.

Then, I just tied some tulle I had to make a hanger and voila:

Then I just added the other decorations you see on the top picture that I made on the cricut!

So, total cost (to me) for this decoration: free
Well, minus the 2.00 for the Goodwill basket. : )


  1. Just letting everyone know that this wreath is totally packed and ready to go in the hospital bags!

  2. I love this so much. I think I might have a new Christmas wreath this year. And I really like the Goodwill basket.