Monday, February 21, 2011

Blessing Ring

Perhaps the most loved idea from the baby shower, was the blessing ring.

Originally I was just going to make one like this one:

The idea they had was to keep on the cards from the showers, birthdays, or any other event together on a ring. (Which, you may still could do this on yours Am, I don't think I mentioned it to you!).

I took mine a step further though and decided I wanted to provide cards for everyone to write a little message to the baby on.

Then, one night at dinner, my sister and her boyfriend were talking about his aunt had people write letters to her unborn children to be given to them on each of their birthdays. And thus, an idea was born!

Here is how I made the ring for Baby B. Once again, I used the handy dandy cricut:

First, I cut out square pieces of cardstock using my paper cutter. Then, I made the flowers on the cricut and punched them out and glued them on the cards.

Next, I made and cut out the numbers and letters and glued those on.

 I'll admit, this took awhile, but it was totally worth it in the end.

At the shower, I wrapped the ring with the cards up as a part of my gift, and told her to open it last. Then, I explained to all our guest that they were to take a card and write a letter to baby B for that birthday.

Meanwhile, I played Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up". I had written out the lyrics for Amory to read as well.

Let's just say I had to leave for a moment to go get some tissues for her : ).

Next, we read each of the cards 1-18. I even had some cards from friends that couldn't be there as well as Amory's two little sisters.

Another cool thing was that I used the cards as decoration by clipping them to fishing line (these were actually the one that already had the messages on them, so I was able to take them down while everyone wrote:

This was my favorite part of the shower, and it's a gift that will keep on giving to sweet baby girl!!

Baby Shower Wreath Tutorial

As promised, here is how I made the pink feather wreath I used for my BFF's baby shower:

I knew I wanted something for the door, so I started brainstorming. I happened to have two pink feather boas on hand (doesn't everyone?). One was from my bachelorette party and one was from a news years eve party.

So I started searching for images, and I found this (among others):

$40? Granted it has an embroidered sash, but I think I could really go into business here. 

I found a scrap piece of leftover foam board we had, and started creating.
Now, here is where my friends are going to start cracking up, because guess what I used to trace for the base of the wreath...

You got it. The 2.00 Goodwill basket!!

They were joking with me at the shower that I post about this basket all.the.time, and that I could probably do a blog JUST about the basket! Haha! Well, here it is, use #476!

Anyways, I cut around the outside of the basket with an exacto knife, and then made the center hole with by tracing the top of one of my bowls.

Next I just started wrapping the boas around the foam board cut out and securing them with a thumbtack, like so...

Since I had two different shades of pink, I alternated the colors making the striped effect. Two boas was plenty for full coverage.

Then, I just tied some tulle I had to make a hanger and voila:

Then I just added the other decorations you see on the top picture that I made on the cricut!

So, total cost (to me) for this decoration: free
Well, minus the 2.00 for the Goodwill basket. : )

My Best Friend's Baby Shower

Over the weekend, I threw my best friend a baby shower. This was my first time to ever play hostess for a big event, and it was a blast! Since some of my ideas were from blogland, I thought I would "pay it forward" and share what we did so maybe others can be inspired!

I'm planning on doing a separate post on how I made this wreath!

Here's the food! We had spinach dip with crackers, strawberry cookies made from cake batter, oreo brownies, fruit tray, chicken nuggets, cupcakes, veggies with dip, and triscuits, cheese, and pepperonis.

We had Raspberry lemonade, which I adapted from another recipe and contains just the minute maid concentrate and a bottle of sprite, and sweet tea with hint of peach, which is made from lipton tea bag and entirely too much sugar.

I made the diaper cake by just looking at pictures of ones I found online. You basically start with some sort of tiered base. Many I found used other baby items such as formula, bottles, etc, but I didn't realize I needed something like that and I was ready to make it, so I used....wait for it...solo cups. Classy, I know.
Next you just roll the diapers and secure them with a rubber band, then secure it around the base with a larger rubber band, and decorate with ribbon, etc. I made the little lollipops/flower/whatever you want them to be on the top with baby washcloths on straws : ).
You can also see two other ideas in this pic. First, an idea a friend tole me about was having all the guests self-address an envelope so that the mom-to-be does have to take the time to look the addresses up!
Then the other side were the supplies for our first game, diaper art! I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the funny stuff people wrote.
Pretty much all the decorations were made on this bad boy:
Unfortunately, the one I used does not belong to me, but I think it would be well worth the investment.

Another thing I tried to do was to think of multi-purpose decorations. For example, I got four receiving blankets and used them as table decor and then that was a part of my gift!

I made the pom poms using Martha's tutorial found here:
I just used fishing wire instead of a floral wire thou and it worked great!

 Am got a lot of really nice things and we had a wonderful time! I couldn't help but flash back to all the moments we've shared together. From meeting for the first time in our freshman dorm rooms (where Am took a picture of me while I was talking on the phone to Jason, haha!), enduring college classes together, trips to the beach and passion conferences and each other's houses, being there for each other's engagements, driving around and sobbing the weekend of graduation, being in each others weddings, and now being on the heels of her becoming a mother! It's a great blessing to share life with great friends!