Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm so glad He came.

Six years ago, My Great Aunt Bonnie wrote me this card as I graduated from High School:

I've thought about and been encouraged by those words many times in the past six years.

Today, My Great Aunt Bonnie went home to be with Jesus.

To know my Aunt Bonnie, was to love her. She was a heck of a woman, full of spunk and wit even at 90. Even more apparent than her shining personality, was her love for the Lord. She was known for coming up with questions about scriptures and stumping everyone around. She was a prayer warrior, and was the matriarch of our family and church for many years.

There is so much I want to remember about her. How she smiled so brightly when my family and I would sing one of her favorite songs "I've been with Jesus", how she threw her head back and cocked it slightly to the right when she laughed or grinned, and how absolutely delectable her chocolate pound cake was (my hips will always remember this one the most, I think).

But most of all, I think I will cherish these simple words she wrote to me, and really, to all of us who knew her. I have no doubt that when Aunt Bonnie met Jesus today, she knew the "farthest" things she did in life were those things she did for God. A huge smile plasters my face when I think about her reuniting with her husband, parents, and siblings and hearing "Well done, good and faithful servant!" May the magnitude of eternity manifest in each decision we make on earth. May we realize that life is short and fragile and take every opportunity that we have to love on earth.

 My Aunt Bonnie was also a great song writer. Her "most famous" song was called "I'm so glad Jesus came". The third verse said this:

When I draw my final breath
and my eyes shall close in death
Chilly waters I'll not fear 
for Jesus will be near.
He will gently take my hand
lead me to the promise land.
Praise the Holy name of Jesus,
I'm so glad He came!

I'm so glad, Jesus came, praise His holy name!
Though the stormy clouds may rise, He's ever just the same.
He will light the way for me from here to eternity.
Praise the holy name of Jesus, I'm so glad He came.

We will miss you Aunt Bonnie, but we are so glad Jesus was there with you as you crossed over today, just like you always sang about.

Edited to add 1/28/10
I just got home from the funeral and I had to add this. The whole funeral service revolved around what a legacy Aunt Bonnie left, and it encouraged me so much. One specific thing I want to remember is that Aunt Bonnie had read through the Bible 13 times and was all the way to Mark on her 14th time. I want to be a student of the Bible like she was, and I've got to read it 12.5 more times just to catch up with her! Each preacher talked about how they knew she prayed and how she had prayers stored up even now. One preacher said that he knew that our town was a better place because Bonnie had lived here. I am encouraged by this to do two things. First, that it is time for me to step up and be a woman of God. As the older generations are leaving, I realize that I need to step up and that we have "big shoes to fill". Second, I am encouraged to remain faithful and never to grow tired of serving the Lord.

Thank you Lord for her life and legacy!


  1. Beautiful, Chels. I'm enjoying picturing her in Heaven where she was obviously waiting to be! Praise the Lord for her testimony.

  2. Well done, Chelsea. Praying for your family and thankful that you had a person in your life like Aunt Bonnie!