Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Decor 2010

Welcome to our house!
This year my "theme" for our decorations were cranberries, starting with the pinecone and cranberry wreath on the front door!!
 Here is our Christmas table scape. I changed out some of my plates to make them red and green and put together the centerpiece.
 The centerpiece may be my favorite decoration of the year. We bought ALL the cranberry stuff at T@rget 90% off last Christmas. The star is actually a tree topper, but I ended up using the one we had last year. So I put it in my goodwill basket, covered it with a scrap of burlap, put the cranberry garland, and sprinkled some left over ornaments and pine cones. I love it!
 Right inside my living room door, you will see my willow tree nativity. My parents gave us this as our wedding present and I actually left it up all year!
 I <3 Christmas cards, especially picture ones!!
 Here is our tree and stockings!
 In a night-time glow... 
 Jason, Zero, and my stocking! We got our stockings and  holders 90% off at Hob Lob the year before we got married, and we got Zero the cute felt one this year at Tar-jay.
 Here are some close-ups of some ornaments: These are also from last year's 90% trip:

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of our traditions is to buy an ornament each year that represents that year for us. This was our first Christmas ornament:
 And here is our 2010 ornament; the year we got our pup!
 My mom gave us this at one of my wedding showers, it's a hand-painted ornament of the chapel we got married in!! Beautiful!

 Our lighted topper:

 The tree skirt may surprise you, its actually my bridesmaid dress from my BFF Amory's wedding !!! I'm all about repurposing! Plus, it just looks really beautiful!

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Love your decorations! So pretty - and the Christmas Tree skirt from a bridesmaids dress is the greatest idea ever!

  2. OK, the bridesmaid dress is brilliant! I have a red dress from my SIL's wedding. Next year! Also, your wedding picture is so stunning! Don't you just love that Target 90% off sale? I look forward to it every year!

  3. Found you on the Nester's Christmas tour and just wanted to say that your entire house looks fabulous! And yes, I'm totally coveting your tree topper star!

  4. Fun decorations! I love the pine and cranberry wreath on your front door...the table centerpiece (very clever!)...your doggie tree many great touches!