Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Creativity

Over the weekend, I had several projects to tackle and I was bitten by the creativity bug in a major way.

I love being creative. It's when I feel most alive. None of these projects were very exciting or creative to begin with, but I took the opportunity to make them my own!

First, I had two parties that I needed to fix a dish to bring. First, I made the chocolate/peanut butter/ powdered sugar cereal mix that goes by many names:
puppy chow/white trash/muddy buddies/snowman poop, take your pick!

Anyways, as i said, the project wasn't very exciting, but I made it so thru the presentation, it's all about the presentation.

First, I put it in my trifle bowl. Then I decided it could use something more. So I added some ribbon and a gift tag with a verse about snow:

Then, I made spinach dip for a family party. I grabbed my faithful $3 Goodwill basket  (that I've already used 6 or 7 times for different things, great find!!), and found that my plates fit perfectly in them. I put the dip in a clear bowl, and prepped to put my snowflake Ritz when the time came.

Next, I had some wrapping to do. I bought this red swirly paper at Hob Lob this year for $4 (50% off it's normal price of course). It's a little more than I wanted to pay, but I found it to be totally worth it. This paper is awesome!! It is so thick,  has grid lines, and you get a ton of it on the roll!! I picked up some pretty tulle ribbon and loved how these packages turned out!

I actually printed these gift tags for free off of this blog!! I love them, and you can't beat free!!!

I got the checkerboard paper last year 90% off at T@rget along with the curling ribbon. 

I had been wrapping with it for a while, and right after I wrapped my Dad's gift, I discovered that I was out of ribbon. I had some excess paper I had just cut off, and decided to cut out a star or something and just put it on top. I full expected that it would look terrible, but I really didn't care and I knew my Dad wouldn't either. So I started tearing up the paper, and inspiration struck. My little flower-like creation ended up being my favorite "bow" of all!!

So now, the presents are all wrapped and the stockings are hung!! Merry Christmas to all!

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