Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's offcial, the Christmas season is here and in full swing! I can't believe tomorrow is the fist day of December! Honestly, time goes by so much more quickly as an adult than as a child!!

This is the second Christmas as a married couple for Jason and I, and something that I have been thinking about a lot lately are the traditions we set as a family.

I have found out about myself that I LOVE traditions and just being festive and jolly in general. However, I want to be careful not to become all type A obsessive over it (very possible...haha)

We already started a few fun traditions last year including buying an ornament each year that represented that year, spending Christmas morning together with just our family and cooking breakfast and reading the Christmas story, and our church's Christmas Eve service.

Plus, we have some traditions with my family that I love like going to see Christmas lights, watching A muppet's Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve night, and our newest tradition of a Christmas night gift/scavenger hunt!

There was one thing that we did last year that I refuse-to-repeat-as-long-as-I-live-so-help-me (was that too type A?). I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but due to poor planning on our part last year, both Jason and our families all ate Christmas Eve dinner after our wonderful church service at.... Krystals. Now, I don't like Krystals on a good day, but on Christmas Eve, I wanted to cry!!! How un-festive and disgusting.

So, I'm finding, if I want to make merry, that I need to be the one to make it happen!! In fact, I was inspired of this fact over the weekend. Jason's aunt and uncle invited us over to their house to build gingerbread houses. They have two precious teenage daughters and have been doing this every year since the girls could sit at the table. I was so inspired by Claire, Jason's aunt. She is a very creative person and had the whole house aglow with Christmas music, refreshments, and all the candy you could imagine to decorate your house. She even had a snowman sign that said "Be creative today!" For me, it was one of those becoming-who-you-want-to-be-moments. Number one, I want my home to be a place of creativity for my children. Secondly, I saw that if I wanted to be festive that I could make it happen! No matter the opinion or attitude of everyone else, I can be the Christmas thermostat not a thermometer and change any day from gloom to merriment!

This caused me to start collecting traditions that I hope to start, especially when Jason and I have kids. Here are two ideas I've seen on blogs and loved over the past few days....

I would love to hear some of your traditions too!!
Merry Christmas-ing!!!