Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Centerpiece

I have always loved to create, and thanks to many great design blogs, I have been super inspired of the power of decorating your home. It's amazing to me that you can change the feel of a home by a few sights and smells.
I have been wanting to bring fall into my home, but didn't want to spend a lot doing it, so I set out to do a fall centerpiece on a budget.

First, while shopping for elements for my Halloween costume (oh yes), I found this beauty at Goodwill for 2.95! 
In true fashion, I debated on if I should get it, but in the end I couldn't pass it up and I'm so glad I didn't!
On my couponing adventures this week (post up about this later), I got a FREE bag of candy corn and I also picked up a cute little pumpkin.
Then, as I was driving down my driveway, I got super inspired by some beautiful red and yellow leaves. So, I just parked my car in the middle of the road and started gathering branches. Hey, at least this time they were on our property, right Eden? : )
I knew I wanted to use these three elements, and then I started to shop the house. One huge plus of living here is that all of my Grandmother's things are stored super nearby. I must admit, when we were cleaning out the apartment, I was a little over zealous in my desire to clean out and purge these things. So I can already hear my family saying "I told you so" as I state how much I love having all of her things to look through and use. It's like a huge treasure chest! 
Here is what I came out with 
See what I mean? A cute apothecary jar from my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary, a pretty white ceramic pumpkin, and a simple clear vase (which I went ahead and stuck the leaves in). I love decorating with this stuff because I remember a lot of it from when I was a child and it makes me think of my MeMother. Plus, each piece has a story! Like, look what was on the bottom of that clear vase:

 If you can't read that, it says "Eddy Patterson '74". I was so curious about this, I called my mom to ask her what the story was. She told me that whenever Memother got a gift, she would label it with who gave it to her and the year. She told me this was from a little boy in my Grandmother's Sunday school class! How neat is that? That made me want to label everything I own! You never know what items of yours, your grandchildren may be using 40 or 50 years from now!

Next, I began arranging, I added in a candle I already owned with the things I had collected.
 Not bad! But, it wasn't quite there. The main problem was that everything needed to be higher, so I slid this wood piece Jason made for our wedding, but never quite finished.

Then I stacked everything back in:

 You can't really tell from the picture, but the pumpkin was still a bit short, but I found the perfect remedy:

 Even though it was the perfect color, I still needed to cover up the box and my name on the plate, so I added some scented pinecones I already had:
Looking good!! Just a few more tweaks to be made.

One adjustment I didn't take a picture of was with the candy corn. I didn't really have enough, and it was hard to get your hand all the way to the bottom of the jar, so I remedied that by putting a wad of Saran wrap at the bottom. Sneaky, eh?

Next, I decided to add a little something to our friend, the pumpkin:

I l-o-v-e all things lettered and I love our initial, so it was the perfect thing. As I was making the vine-like "L", a verse popped in my head and I knew I had to add it somehow. Professional designers may say that this addition took away from the overall ambiance, but I love it:

 Nothing more beautiful to decorate a home or a heart than the Word, and such an awesome truth!!

 Finally, the finished product:

I couldn't wait for Jason to get home to see it! When he walked in the door, as if he had been rehearsing it, he said...

I like that centerpiece!
That is a nice centerpiece!

If you didn't know, he was channeling, his friend, Donkey:

I love him.
And I love the how fall is now flowing through our home. That centerpiece makes me happy every time I see it!

And if anyone is curious, here is the budget breakdown:
basket (goodwill): 2.95
pumpkin: 2.12
candy corn: free!
branches: free!
containers: Grandmother's so free!
candle and pinecones: already owned so free!
Total: 4.07

Happy fall ya'll!


  1. Very cute Chelsea! It looks so good on your table! :D It's the perfect fall decoration that's personalized and thrifty! Amazing!

  2. So possibly my favorite memory is you running away from that tree as the branch is dangling. Or maybe it was when you were o so sly and just casually dropped the other branches behind you!

    O fall! It brings some pretty awesome memories.

    PS I think the verse makes it even better! Maybe you should come back to my apartment and make it more "Homie" And I love the MeMother memory! I want to do that now myself!


  3. I LOVE it!!! and you! Will you come decorate a centerpiece with me???