Friday, October 8, 2010

Confession: I live in a basement

Yup, It's true and I'm coming clean.

My name is Chelsea.
I am married and my husband and I both work full time.
And we live in the basement apartment of my parent's house.

Already feeling the need to defend myself (much more on this later), 
but is is really isn't as bad as it sounds.
We are a totally separate space with our own entrance, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and phone line.
My parents are really great about respecting our space. We will often go a whole week without seeing them. It's not like they are popping in, it doesn't really feel like we live with them.

But, here lately, I have major house fever.
The plan is to look for and purchase a house January-June of 2012.
But, even typing that feels SO long!
Maybe its the fact that we will spend 2 more Christmases here.
 Or the fact that I'm planning on hosting a baby shower for my best friend in January or February and I would love to have a house for that.
Maybe, if I'm being honest with myself, I can realize that I'm jealous of my friends that do have houses already and how quickly and easily they got them.
Maybe, the fact that I know when we have a house we will be that much closer to having a baby makes me want to speed up the process.

I can often be found browsing reality sites in my spare time. 
Just browsing, you know.
The other day, I found this...

I fell in love. It had everything on our checklist...
Price between 120,000-150,000
location where we want
attached garage (my number one, I'm dreading the winter and icy windshields)
basement with man-room potential (Jason's number one, for obvious reasons)
open floor plan
decent front and back yard
somewhat secluded

It also had some nice extras I loved:
his and her closets
hardwoord floors
updated kitchen and appliances

And then this, this really got me...

Where do I sign? So, as you can tell, we aren't looking for some big huge fancy house. In fact, I want a cute, quaint, small house. I'm even open to house that I could do some design fixin' on (like THIS, for AJ: you will love this blog!!)

So, I couldn't stand it, I emailed the realtor to ask for a showing. I went to bed last night thinking that I could actually see us buying this house. But today, I got an email from the guy saying that the house sold two months ago. (Um, update your website people!) I was totally disappointed. 

So, we're back here, in the basement.

While driving home today in some of the most beautiful fall weather, I started to think about what my feelings are rooted in.
I'll admit, whenever someone ask me where I live, I cringe a little bit. 
I hate the puzzled looks I get and I really hate the jokes I get from some of my extended family members.
But, I was reminded today to be proud and thankful of where my living quarters are presently, for several reasons.

First, I never want to be held by the temporary trappings of this world (not that having a house equates to that). I  just needed to remind myself that nothing material on earth is really that important.
Also, I really am super excited about all the money we are saving (probably more excited than I should be). Living here has allowed us to pay off all of our debt and buy a vehicle with cash. Plus, tons of other items I have plans of being able to do with our extra cash wiggle room including going to Australia next summer! And, if we stay for 2.5 years, it will give us a very nice money cushion.
Finally, I realized that there is always something in my life I'm going to be waiting for/anticipating. I've said it so many times, but I know I will look back on this time with so much fondness. So, I'm determined to soak up every single moment of basement living goodness that I possibly can.

But one day, in God's timing, we will have a house,
with a garage
and a man room (so I won't have to listen to Jason play video games as I am presently doing)
and our own yard.
And it will be full of a whole lotta love.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this. I hear you - it is hard not to yearn for a house sometimes! Thankful for your wise reflections on this desire.

  2. Chels, I love this. As you know, I'm in a similar place of longing for the future but not wanting to waste even a minute of the goodness God has given for TODAY... thanks for this encouragement. :) We are going to look back on these days as being so full of joy!!