Monday, September 6, 2010


This lovely labor day morning, we headed out in our HHR, lovingly known as Hercules.

Then after a whole lot of this...
(This was totally posed while the guy was out of the office, I don't know why Jason wouldn't let me take a picture when he was doing it for real, haha.)

We drove away in THIS:

And Jason felt like this!

We are SO happy to have a truck again. We felt so "at home" in it right away! You see Jason has never had anything but trucks until the HHR. And getting the HHR was a huge sacrifice on his part in order to save money before we got married. Jason would have to tell you about all the real specs of it, but my girly description includes that it has a leather interior, a sunroof (random!), and my favorite....
Four doors with a very roomy backseat. I was already imagining some sweet car seats back there, and actually the first thing my Dad said when he saw the truck was "yeah you can get at least 3 grandchildren back there!" : )

We are so thankful and feel very blessed because we know that every single gift is from above. We hope to be a good steward of this truck to use it to help others as much as we can.

 Yup, very blessed indeed.


  1. After reading your three most recent posts, I think I have decided that we should never, ever, EVER shop together. lol. Only because we have the exact same shopping tendencies. If we were to ever shop together, we might go missing for decades.

    I LOVE the truck. I am so jealous. The back seat of our Honda is so cramped and I cannot wait until I can get something a little safer for three car seats!

  2. Hello! I can relate to your story. We had a car accident a couple years ago, and the Lord blessed us with a Sierra, extended cab. It is not a crew cab, but still very roomy. I too hope for a few car seats to grace the back before we have to move onto something that will hold even more children (Lord willing). Congrats!

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