Sunday, September 5, 2010

A glimpse into my female money-plan-making mind...

Don't men always say they want to understand the female mind? Well, here is your chance world wide web. A free glance right inside the wonderment of it all. Sit right back and I'll explain.

First, let's cast the parts of our saga. Let me introduce you to my husband, Jason.
He's the slightly less hairy one on the left. : )

I've never heard a song that characterized my hubby better than this:
I got a home down on the river
I’m married to the woman of my dreams
Got a good truck that gets me down the highway
Everything is perfect or so it seems
Momma and daddy come by sometimes
And everything is fine
My old dog does a little singing
Late at night when the moon gets bright
Sunday morning hear the church bells ringing
Let us go and see who’s getting baptized
We gonna take us a Sunday drive
Cause everything is fine

Everything is fine, fine, fine
Through the sunshine and the rain
I got a peace of mind
You know I can’t complain
I make it a point to thank the Lord
When I got Him on the line
I’m feeling good and everything is fine

Got the same job down at the warehouse
Ain’t never been rich but I sleep at night
Got a little girl that looks like her mamma
She likes it when her daddy tucks her in real tight (one day!)
One night this week we’re gonna have a fish fry

Yup, he's a simple kind of man, and I love that about him. In fact, it's why I married him. We may never be rich or fancy, but I have no doubt that we will live a life of love and laughter and that he will lead our family in the Lord and love me like a woman should be loved until the day I die. 

And, here's yours truly....
 Okay, okay fine, that isn't me, but you knew that.

But, Hilary Swank is actually partly responsible for spurring on this rant. Because right at this very moment in time, Jason and I are watching P.S. I love you together (smile). Oh, have you seen this awesome movie? I love it, and while watching the first scene Jason and I just had to look at each other and laugh because her character in the beginning is me exactly.

I mean, check out these quotes... 

"Put 25 percent into a separate account with 6 percent interest for five years..."

"I hate when you do that! Let's have a baby la la la. You have to have a plan, you can't act like everything is just going to work out Jerry Jason. Why do I have to be the responsible grown up who worries?! Why can't I be the cute carefree irish guy that sings all the time  country guy that laughs and hugs people all the time?"

These are oh-so-me that it's ridiculous. And Gerard may have said these but they just as well could have came from my Jason...

"This is our life. You have to stop waiting baby."
"That's okay love, your plans never work out anyway."

So, the current-Chelsea-plan-that-wil-probably-never-work-out-anyway was with buying a truck. The plan was to save $1000 each month from Jason's paycheck and buy the truck in April. But then Jason's brother-in-law Tip (who works at a car dealership) called with a killer deal on a truck that he knew Jason would love. We spent the whole afternoon looking at the truck. If it had been up to Jason, we would have walked out with it today, but there's no way I could have done that. I think I've blogged this before, but you're talking to a girl who takes at least 20 minutes to commit to buying a shirt.

Plus, and I can't believe I haven't blogged this, we have been really spending the money lately!

First on these...

Yup, SO not in the plan, but our 25 year old washer went out last month so we had to replace it. Oh you should have seen me researching and going to a million stores and comparing prices before I would buy these. I think we spent 3 full days looking at them and I spent hours researching, and in the end...we bought the first ones we looked at. See why Jason has to love me so much, there is no way else he'd endure that otherwise. PLUS, we've had to pay for my first semester of Grad school, which is really tough because there's nothing physical to show for it. And I'm in like the 2% of the population that hates spending money so this has all been tough for me my friends.

But you know what, after only a few hours of deliberation and reassurance, we are going to buy that truck tomorrow, with cash I may add, I'm pretty proud of that. And I feel good about it. Even if it isn't the very best deal we could get or the absolute best truck we could get for the money, it's all a part of this God-given, crazy adventure of life with this man I love. And, just as P.S. I Love you reminds us, a life that is all too short and meant to be loved and lived to the fullest.

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  1. One of my all-time-favorite movies. And not just because of the attractive accents of the leading men. :D

    Cheers from a new subbie!