Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DIY Countertops & Backsplash Make-Over on a Budget

When we moved into our current abode, there was one aspect that I really didn't care for. Meet our pink (yes, pink) countertops/backsplash:

These were installed circa 1993 by my Grandmother and she even said after they were installed that it wasn't really what she picked out and that she didn't really like them herself.

Finding a way to economically change these out was my number one summer project. So, off I went to blogland where I found several great ideas, so when my week off between summer school and vacations came, I was eager to start!

First, the countertops. Many thought I was crazy, but for our situation the best cure I found was....
spray paint.

Yes, spray paint. But stay with me here. 

First, we sanded the existing countertops with a fine grit sandpaper and cleaned them well. Then, we choose a grey base color and sprayed away.

The point of no return.

Then comes in the true secret ingredient: Stone Effects spray paint, modeled below by our lovely vanna  Zero pup!

After the first coat of this magic spray, I was already liking what I saw!

Then it was just a few coats of some tile sealant and viola, goodbye pink countertops!

Next, it was onto the backsplash. I looked into several different things, but kept coming back to the beauty of beadboard. I was originally going to use beadboard wallpaper which is very popular on several decor blogs, but after some encouragement from my husband, I went with the real true beadboard (I think he just wanted to get to use his power tools).

See what I mean?

So after much measuring, cutting, nailing, and two coats of white paint, we had our new finished product.

We totally love the results!



And for all my fellow budget lovers out there, here is the cost breakdown:

sandpaper: 2.99
base spray paint: 6.93
Stone spray paint (x2 cans): 16.38 
glaze spray: 8.17

Beadboard: 20.74
Trim: 20.24
paint: leftover=free
paint supplies: 10.62

Total: $86.07

Hey, maybe it isn't granite, but it is definitely home...for now! 

Check out
for more fabulous frugal makeovers!


  1. This looks GREAT! I love it! You inspire me!

  2. WOW it looks so good Chelsea! I'm really impressed!

  3. Sweet and really cost effective.


  4. wow chels! very impressive. :) i'm loving it...especially the before/after photos!

  5. Holy COW - I am so impressed - and totally inspired! Can you just come to my house!!!?!?

  6. I can't believe you spray painted your countertop!!! That is AMAZING! You're my hero for the day. Congrats on your beautiful kitchen!

  7. What a great change! I've been thinking about painting my 'yellow' countertops, and Ilove beadboard...hummmm?
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  8. i like it. i had the same backsplash and counter top and i wanted to redo without construction so i mosiac tiled the backsplash (on top of the existing) and then handpainted the counter and sealed. check it out :)

  9. Awesome!! Question: What did you do for the front of the countertop? Cover it with trim? I'm talking about the part that hangs over where your waist would hit. I'm hoping I'm explaining this clearly. Thanks. kasey50@hotmail.com

  10. My kind of transformation. Good job!

  11. you are brave! looks awesome.

  12. Wow. That looks great. A well deserved Shabby Nest feature, for sure!

  13. Great job - who cares if it isn't granite!? It's gorgeous! :) I'm new to your blog, and so happy to have found you! I love blogs that tackle projects, and share them - and have a creative flair! I write Color Outside the Lines, which I hope you have visited - but if you haven't stop by and see me! I do a Friday meme called Vignette Friday's, and I'd love it if you'd join us this week. It's all about sharing those vignette shots of your home or garden, including things you'd made or re-done yourself, or the fantastic finds you might get at a garage or yard sale! I know you'd be inspired, and inspiring - and really isn't that what blogging is all about? :) Hope you'll join me - now off to read more of your great blog! YAY! Take care, Artie

  14. Oh my goodness!!! This looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love your countertop trick.. I had NEVER thought of that before! Ya'll are genius! :-) BEAUTIFUL!!


  15. Great job! Would never have thought to use spray paint on the counters, but it looks great!

  16. Hi, I came across your blog in search of a countertop redo. :) How did the tile sealant hold up? Is it very durable? And what brand did you use? Thanks!

  17. Hi, quick questions. Did you sand over the existing laminate or removed the laminate and then sand? Hope that makes sense :)

    Is the spray paint safe on food? Just wondering

  18. Hi there- I found this recently and would really like to do this. My kitchen looks very similar to yours. Including the cabinet doors. So how is it holding up?