Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making Home II (Homestar edition)

So I'm learning in this whole decorating thing, that trial and error is often the name of the game. That was definitely the case with the wall behind my couch.

Here was a attempt #1, it isn't pretty folks...

Yeah....about that....

Wait, I can explain. The frame was a shower gift, so then I just had the picture blown up. It wasn't super cheap to have the picture enlarged, so I was picturing this awesome portrait. As soon, as I picked the picture up, I didn't like it. I should have known better than to put something on the wall that I didn't even like, but I was a new bride and budget was a buzz word of the season.

So, there it hung for 11 months, and I tried to pretend that I liked it.

Within those months, I have really started developing what my style is. I've also been reading many decor blogs and have picked up on some new ideas there as well. Two of those ideas I saw and fell in love with were barn stars and white dishes.  You see this style I'm developing is very pottery barn/cottage/antique-ish,  so these two elements are basically must haves.

One pro of these new loves is that Jason and I now love to go to antique malls and flea markets together. I had seen a barn star on one of our adventures, but I was too practical to buy it for myself. Then, on our trip to Asheville, I found four awesome white antique dishes that I did end up purchasing. I was already dreaming of how  wonderful it would be to incorporate these dishes with that barn star I didn't buy. 

Then, what do you know, when we came home my husband gave me my birthday present that was too big to bring on the trip. Bet you can't guess what it was....

Yup. The Barn star. My hubby rocks. 

SO, I put all those ideas to work, I knew I needed one more element to bring the look together. So, where else do I trek, but the beauty that is HOB LOB. I found just the perfect thing.

So without further rambling, I give you the much improved wall behind the couch.

Much better. Feels like Home to me. :)


  1. I love!!!! Great job, girl!! I have a bunch of design books, too, if you'd like to look through them for ideas for other rooms. :)

  2. This looks great - I need you to come to my house!!!

  3. I've got a barn star on my wish list. Maybe my husband will surprise me.
    You have a terrific living space.