Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodbye, Hello

Five years ago, my parents bought me a new laptop to use as I started college.

I named her Delia, and she saw me through many papers, reflections, and article critiques. It was on her that I signed up for facebook, listened to country songs as I missed home, and read my first blog. 

After five years, old Delia had been through a lot and started to show her age.

Her cracked external wireless card was old and out dated and had trouble running sometimes.

Her poor keyboard had really been through it. In fact, the g key had given up altogether and had to be copied and pasted in whenever needed (yeeeah that was pretty annoying).
She'd even had the blue screen of death a few times, only to be revived to hang on for a for more months.

It was definitely time to put 'ol Delia out to pasture.

So, when I found out I was going to get to teach summer school and get some extra coinage, I set my sights on this...

Last Friday, we went and picked up my new lovely (along with a free ipod touch and printer thanks to the educator deal!).

This was the biggest purchase I had personally ever made, and actually the first time I had spent any of my "Big girl" paycheck on something fun for myself.

I was kind of excited.

I absolutely LOVE it. SO many cool features. I am officially a Mac girl.

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