Friday, June 25, 2010

June 20th, 2009 (longest post ever)

Let's all just pretend I got this finished Sunday. We had a great anniversary!

One year ago today, was a day of much laughter and many happy tears.
One year ago today, everyone I know and love gathered in one location.
One year ago today, I made a vow to God that I would love one man forever.
One year ago today, was my wedding day!

Since I unfortunately haven't really done this yet, today I want to record as many memories as I can from that wonderful day. (So this may be long and boring to you (and most who read this were there, you've been warned!)

I'll start with the night before (we stayed in a cottage on Berry's campus), I had always had visions of how the night before my wedding would be like (picture "Father of the Bride" scene). I saw it as my last night of being a child, so it was so fitting that I shared a bed with my sister that night, as we had so many times as little girls. As we fell asleep that night, we talked about the events of the next day, and she said "I'm just excited because there will be a lot of mom and daughter and sister moments... mostly sister moments". I fell asleep in happy tears, thinking about my past and my future, all the firsts and lasts I was experiencing, and how excited and thankful I was for it all.

The next morning, I went in to find my Mom on the couch. We had a moment there too just talking about the day and how we were feeling, and she gave me a really sweet card. I think those were the first tears of the day.

My bridesmaids/best friends in the whole world, India and Amory, stayed at the cottage as well. So we walked over to an adjoining cottage where my Dad and brother stayed and we all had breakfast. India prayed for our meal, and I cried again! I could hardly eat anything (this is a big deal for me, ha!). I was so nervous and excited! Next, the ladies loaded up and went to the salon to get my hair done. It was there that my photographer met up and began taking pictures.

The whole time I was getting my hair done, Amory kept "grunting" and saying how good it looked! It was hilarious and became a running joke. I was so giggly and pretty relaxed as this point in the day. Another thing that was a hot topic (har har) was the temperature. I don't know the exact forecast for the day, but it was hot! That was one thing I was really worried about because the chapel we got married in had no air conditioner. So, we started joking that no one could tell me that it was hot! All day, we kept saying "It's not that hot!" or "Brrr, I need a sweater!". Even though it was rather warm!

Next, we went back to the cottage and my cousin Denise came over and did my make-up.

While she was doing it, my flowers were delivered. I was so excited to see them, I loved them!

Then it was time to get the dress on (a definite "sister moment"). I was so excited to put it on, I think that is when it felt really "real".

My mom put on my jewelry, and we were ready to go. My entourage took me and put me in Katherine's (the photographer) car. My mom was cute and pretty emotional all that point. I remember her blowing me a kiss and waving as we drove away. That was almost like her moment of "giving me away" in a way.

Next was one of my most favorite parts of the whole day, I was going to see Jason. We were running a bit behind schedule, and we had tried to call Jason but he hadn't answered. I had a fleeting moment of being scared that something had happened to him, but we drove up and there he was standing and waiting for me.

Katherine told him to turn around, and we got all situated. Then he turned around and we saw each other for the first time. I hope I never forget the look on his face.

We finally embraced and through happy tears he whispered to me that I was beautiful, and just kept saying "wow" over and over. 

I was so happy to be with him, we were just so excited.

This was a fun time, because I got to be alone with Jason for really the only time that day. He told me that while he had been waiting on me, he had been praying and that he had such a peace.

All the smiles you see in these pictures are the real deal. We were so excited!!

Then there was the time to take photos with our wonderful bridal party.

I was honored to have these people stand beside me at my wedding. Some of the best people on the planet!

Then, the family pictures!

It was exciting to be in the chapel with everyone, and knowing that the wedding was so soon.

Love, love my family
& love, love my husband's family!

People began trickling in, so it was time to retreat to our room. 
It was just the girls of the bridal party here and we took some fun pictures.

Jason's niece, Madison, is very shy and she had not been willing to pose for pictures, but our photographer played around with her and captured these...

It was at this point I got a little nervous. I tried to eat a cereal bar, but I thought I may loose it! I tried to focus in on prayer, and to listen to Jason's friend Will who was playing the guitar and singing beautiful hymns as people were seated.

Then before I knew it, it was go time. I listened as my sister sang "Sweet, Sweet Spirit" and the grandparents and mothers were seated.

Then, our processional song "Center" came on as the bridal party entered. I watched as each couple left to go and prayed as the lyrics played, "Oh Christ, be the center of our lives, be the place we fix our eyes."

Then, it was just my Dad and I. Start the major tears!! He was just staring at me and trying not to cry. I totally lost it. 

I came down the aisle to "On the lake" which is a song in the notebook. My Dad whispered "I love you" and at the climax of the music we came together and started down the aisle.

Loved seeing my man's face. We were both teary. I just remember seeing SO many people I loved looking at me, and then focusing on Jason at the end of the aisle.

Our ceremony was perfect. I loved what our pastor said. It included what being "rooted in love" meant to us and also our goals as a couple.

I loved so many things in our ceremony. One cool part was when the pastor had us turn around and face the congregation and he basically charged them to pray for us. It was rather funny because almost everyone was fanning themselves, it was a sea of fans! I won't lie, it was hot, I had sweat running down my back! Another really cool part was when we honored our grandparents by reading their names and having a bell ring. I loved that part and loved envisioning our sweet grandparents looking down on us that day.

We did communion while Shane & Shane "We are yours" played. Then Jason washed my feet. (A funny memory is that Jason used the cloth that was suppose to be used to dry my feet, and dipped it into the water on accident, ha).

It was super sweet and a great picture of Christ's love for the church and how we want to mirror that. 

Then, maybe my favorite part was that we had a congregational hymn of "How Great Thou Art". I loved hearing everyone sing together and I prayed that everyone would just meet God where they were at that point. I was really able to worship God in that moment. It was beautiful.

Soon it was time to go. We walked out to the Superman Theme. We were SO happy. I loved looking out over the crowd and seeing all those faces of the ones I loved. I especailly remember looking to my right and seeing my Berry section (aka my girlfriends from school).

Our bridal party came out and we were just all giddy. 
When we got to the back of the church. We just kept saying "We are married!!"

Some quests started walking by and talking to us, and that was wonderful. I remember talking to Ann Pettit and Helen Gaddis asking if I was wearing my mom's veil (I wasn't, but it was very similar). Then, probably my favoite comment of the day, came from Ronnie Holbert (my Dad's cousin). He is an awesome man of God and he said. Man, when I walked in here I said "Wow the Holy Spirit is here!" That was exactly what I wanted and way more important to me than any decoration or food or favor.

Next, it was time to head to the reception. Jason and I rode down stretch road together, and we were so happy and giggly! We got to the reception hall and went downstairs where I had my make-up retouched (which was a great idea). I laughed as my father in law and some of the groomsmen came down the steps with a sno cone (which we were serving).

Next it was time to enter. I just beamed when the DJ introduces us with out new names for the first time. Walking through those doors with Jason was almost surreal. I loved seeing all those many people that I loved. It was all the best people in the world as far as I am concerned!

We had our first dance to Brad Paisley's "She's Everything" (our song). This was another one of my favorite moments. Jason was so sweet and sang to me. I was always afraid the first dance would be awkward for some reason, but it so wasn't. It was just so sweet, and I was just happy, happy.

Then it was the first dance with my Dad, oh my word, that was almost too much. We danced to "Time in a Bottle", which was my Dad's pick. I think just about everyone in that room was crying. My Dad was choking back his tears and he kept gripping my hand, and I laid my head on his chest (I know, tender). I looked over and my sister was bawling and I almost lost it!

Next people were getting food and others came and talked to us. I have so many great memories from talking to people there. First, I remember talking to someone and then looking behind them and seeing Lee Jones, my mentor teacher, standing behind them smiling. Mr. Jones is one of my favorite people ever, and the fact that he came meant so much to me. I also remember my cousin Denise's husband BJ coming up to me and saying how he just loved our ceremony from the honoring the grandparents to the foot-washing, he said it was very special and that meant a lot to me. Then I remember seeing my Berry friends, and them being goofballs about how they had cried and I just cracked up laughing with them. 

We talked to so many people we love, and soon we all started dancing! That was another thing I was worried about, people not dancing. But our dance floor was packed the entire time!! I loved that! We danced to so many songs from Cupid Shuffle to YMCA to electric slide. It was a blast! My little second cousins Jake, Luke, Roen, and Malone put on quite the show. 

We did something with Brad Pasiley's song "Then". We had all the married couples come to the dance floor, and the the DJ asked couples married 5 years or less to sit down, then 10 or less, and so on. Then the only two couples dancing were us and the longest married coupld there. It ended up being my Uncle Mike and Aunt Connie which is so perfect because I love them and admire their love for each other. They were asked to give us advice, and they said "Pray together, Always kiss each other goodnight, be best friends". Wonderful advice!

Soon it was time to cut the cakes! I loved my cake and Jason's. It was so much fun. There was more dancing and talking, but soon it was almost time to go. I threw my boquet to my very shocked-to-catch-it cousin Molly, and two of our youth, Cory and Steven, fought to catch the garter.

Another fun memory I have is dancing with my bridesmaids. For my bachelorette party we went to these line-dancing lessons (with a bunch of old people, but it was so much fun). So the DJ played cotton eye Joe and Eden, Amory, Eden, and my cousin Autumn and myself were putting on a show on the dance floor.

For our last dance, we danced to Dave Barnes "I have and I always will". My favorite line says "In your darkest hour, will I love you still, I have and I always will."

Next, we got ready to make our exit, we were so excited!! We walked down to the archways and those beautiful people I call friends and family lined the path. Through bubbles and rose petals we, made our way to get on the road to our new life! 

I have always wondered what people say in the car as they drive away from the wedding. It is such an incredible feeling of excitement and relief and giddiness and exhaustion! One feeling we were both having was thirst! I'll admit, it was hot that day, and we were both parched. So we stopped at the BP on the loop and Jason went in with his Tux on and got us something to drink, with me sitting in the car in my wedding dress! Haha!!

It was a beautiful, beautiful day and we have had a beautiful, beautiful year. 
 I really can not believe it has been a year already!! We have experienced so much in our first year, but sometimes I feel like we are still honeymooning. I often can't believe I get to be Jason's wife and get to experience the adventures God has sent our way together! We are blessed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who said havin kids was hardwork?

The real reason we get Madison to spend the night:

Now,  if she could just reach the top of the washing machine and vaccum...

: )

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Man's Best Friend

I can hardly handle the cuteness.

Goodbye, Hello

Five years ago, my parents bought me a new laptop to use as I started college.

I named her Delia, and she saw me through many papers, reflections, and article critiques. It was on her that I signed up for facebook, listened to country songs as I missed home, and read my first blog. 

After five years, old Delia had been through a lot and started to show her age.

Her cracked external wireless card was old and out dated and had trouble running sometimes.

Her poor keyboard had really been through it. In fact, the g key had given up altogether and had to be copied and pasted in whenever needed (yeeeah that was pretty annoying).
She'd even had the blue screen of death a few times, only to be revived to hang on for a for more months.

It was definitely time to put 'ol Delia out to pasture.

So, when I found out I was going to get to teach summer school and get some extra coinage, I set my sights on this...

Last Friday, we went and picked up my new lovely (along with a free ipod touch and printer thanks to the educator deal!).

This was the biggest purchase I had personally ever made, and actually the first time I had spent any of my "Big girl" paycheck on something fun for myself.

I was kind of excited.

I absolutely LOVE it. SO many cool features. I am officially a Mac girl.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making Home II (Homestar edition)

So I'm learning in this whole decorating thing, that trial and error is often the name of the game. That was definitely the case with the wall behind my couch.

Here was a attempt #1, it isn't pretty folks...

Yeah....about that....

Wait, I can explain. The frame was a shower gift, so then I just had the picture blown up. It wasn't super cheap to have the picture enlarged, so I was picturing this awesome portrait. As soon, as I picked the picture up, I didn't like it. I should have known better than to put something on the wall that I didn't even like, but I was a new bride and budget was a buzz word of the season.

So, there it hung for 11 months, and I tried to pretend that I liked it.

Within those months, I have really started developing what my style is. I've also been reading many decor blogs and have picked up on some new ideas there as well. Two of those ideas I saw and fell in love with were barn stars and white dishes.  You see this style I'm developing is very pottery barn/cottage/antique-ish,  so these two elements are basically must haves.

One pro of these new loves is that Jason and I now love to go to antique malls and flea markets together. I had seen a barn star on one of our adventures, but I was too practical to buy it for myself. Then, on our trip to Asheville, I found four awesome white antique dishes that I did end up purchasing. I was already dreaming of how  wonderful it would be to incorporate these dishes with that barn star I didn't buy. 

Then, what do you know, when we came home my husband gave me my birthday present that was too big to bring on the trip. Bet you can't guess what it was....

Yup. The Barn star. My hubby rocks. 

SO, I put all those ideas to work, I knew I needed one more element to bring the look together. So, where else do I trek, but the beauty that is HOB LOB. I found just the perfect thing.

So without further rambling, I give you the much improved wall behind the couch.

Much better. Feels like Home to me. :)