Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Night Zero met the Queen

Today was a very important day in my puppy's life.

Many other canines will never be bestowed the honor that he was given on this night.

Even some humans deny themselves the privilege of this encounter.

It started as an ordinary Wednesday night. We went to church, with Zero in tow, as has been customary since he joined our family. Afterwards, Jas looked at me and uttered some sweet, sweet words...

"Hey Babe, do you want some ice cream?"

Sweeter words have nary been spoken.

So as we pull through the blessed drive-thru, Zero instinctively turns on the charm. The sweet girl at the window didn't have a chance. She gushed over him and then said...

"Do you let him have ice cream?"
Jason and I looked at each other.
"We never have before" Jason replied
"Well can I give him a little cup?"
"Well.....Why not!"

We put that sweet goodness up to his lips and he went. to. town. It was Hilarious! If I tried to move it away from him he would lunge forward until I gave it back. He absolutely loved it, we even had matching ice cream mustaches at one point. He slurped and slurped until it was all gone.

So without further ado; Zero, myself, and the Queen...

Oh Yes. 
God Bless the Queen.


  1. this is so darn sweet! i love me some ice cream too! your blog looks great...i love that photo of you guys in the header. uber sweet!