Friday, May 14, 2010

Being Present

    There's a passage from Romans that once adorned the walls of my dorm room. I remember when I created the scrapbook frame project with my $1.00 Ikea frames. I was looking for a mantra for the year, for life even, and I came upon the beauty that is Romans 12 from the message translation. Now I hope you'll check out all of it, but it's the first line that has been ringing in my mind for the past several days...

Love from the center of who you are.

  What does that mean? What would that look like? It is difficult to explain, but I certainly know when I've spent my day being real and centered and when I haven't. I've been thinking a lot lately about just how often I just go through the motions. How many opportunities to be grateful have I rushed through? How many miracles have I overlooked? How often have I missed the beauty of a simple pleasure? How many times have I traded abundant life for the lies of the evil one?

Too many. Too often.

Just the other day I was listening to thoughts that relate to this topic from a source that shall remain nameless.

Ok fine, it was Oprah, don't judge. 

Anyways they were talking about being a food addict (hello biggest struggle of my life), and how the reason you  I reach for a snickers at the end of the bad day isn't because we are hungry or tired or whatever lie we tell ourselves. It's because we want to escape from whatever is plaguing us. In the moment we think the snickers or the chocolate cake or the potato chips will make us happy and fulfilled, just like someone who looks to drugs or alcohol for that fulfillment, but of course contentment can not be found there.

They went on to say that the secret to combating this was to center back on god. Of course, they then said that "god" meant "whatever was real to you" and some other new age mumbo jumbo crap about how that could be mystery or possibility or the way you feel in nature (hope that thing that is real is powerful enough to save you at the end of your life, but that's another post entirely). Even with the skewed implementation, the message was not lost on me. Because I know that at the center of who I am, there lives the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT! And that comforter has all power and all victories over sin.

Because every time I've traded that wonderful abundant life for cheap plastic thrills and lies, I have sinned. But more and more I'm realizing that, the power of Christ in me can conquer all. It can make my paths straight. My worries disappear. My marriage thrive. My relationships fruitful. 

My life count.

But yanno, this is nothing new. Just a new way of saying the same beautiful Gospel of Christ in me, the hope of glory.

But now I see that those days where I am checked out and wishing the minutes on by, that in that moment, I must cry out to the power of the Holy Spirit and ask His presence to make me present in each moment I am blessed with.

I would hate to miss out one more minute of abundant life.

Because it sure is good stuff. 

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