Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mind Dump

 * This post is nothing but ramling and slightly neative and whiny. I almost didn't publish. You've been warned :)*
 My facebook status tonight is "Sometimes I wish I had a man mind, so I could think nothing every once and a while." It has already gotten several comments and "likes"  (a proverbial "Amen Sister"), so it seems to be a sentiment that resonates with many.My mind is just spinning tonight, and for no real reason at all. So, maybe just for my sake, I'll see if I can unravel the spaghetti just a bit. 
    1. I truly, deeply, madly want to have a pure heart, mouth, and mind for Christ, but I suck at it. I KNOW He is able to bring  true victory to my life. But I am just so tired of my flesh.
    2. Similar spaghetti strand, I LOVE my church, but why can't we all just love each other and have the attitude of Christ (speaking mainly to myself here)? Churches and Church families should be the closest to Heaven we can be, but it seems there is sometimes more malice, jealous, greed, pride, etc. there than other places. Maybe it is because we are all trying to "play" nice and cover up the ugly.
   3. I am so tired of thinking about my weight, exercise, eating, etc. Will I be on this hamster wheel forever? If there was one thing I long to be healed of, it is this.
   4. I wish I could see progress in my life. I feel like in my spiritual maturity, it is just more of the same all the time. Always the same battle.
   5. Why can't I be simpler and not over analyze everything?
   6. I want to be an EXCEPTION. When every other woman talks about others behind their back, I want to change the subject. 
  7. It is in this moment that I need to apply all the truths I heard this weekend at Beth Moore (more on this later). I am clothed in strength and dignity. I am a daughter of the Most High. 

I must renew my mind, and take each thought captive...but it would be a whole lot easier just to have an off switch. :)

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  1. Wow Chels! It sounds like you've been peering in my brain with that post! We are finishing up the Breaking Free bible study next week and I could not feel the same way more! It is exhausting sometimes...a lot of times! Good thing we DO have a glorious and all-powerful Heavenly Father who is willing to rescue us minute by minute in our spaghetti thoughts! Can you imagine how self-destructive our spaghetti would be without Him!!? ...I'll pray the prayers I've been praying for myself and insert your name along with it. For the record...I view you as a woman of God, so God must be triumphing in your mind in some form. Love you.