Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet Zero.

Meet the newest member of our family: Zero

Jason and I (okay mostly Jason) have been wanting a dog for some time. First we had to decide on a breed. I am more inclined to medium size dogs. The only other one I've ever had was my dog Smokey who was a beagle/mutt, and came up to just below your knee. Jason loves bigger dogs, he says a dog is not a dog if it isn't bigger than a football (insert grunt here). His favorite breed is American Bull. He had one that passed away just a few months before we got married named Chance. So, what is marriage without a compromise? We decided on a Lab. I know, I know, there isn't very much medium about a lab. I blame Marley and Me for convincing me.

So, once we decided on a breed, we started casually looking for dogs. Then we discovered another compromise was in order. Jason and I differ slightly largely on spending habits. He was ready to pay $300 to a breeder, and I was hoping they wouldn't charge more than $30 at the animal shelter. We decided to set a budget of $100. We honestly weren't activley searching for a dog yet because we didn't have the fence up, but that all changed last Tuesday. I had gone up to Berry to take the MAT, and when I got out of the test I discovered the following voicemail on my phone...
"Hey Chels, I know you are taking that test, but...Well, I found a dog. There is a guy selling them outside of Wal-Mart. They are little black labs and they are only 8 weeks old. He wants $65 dollars for them. So, it's in the budget! He is as cute as he can be. So, yeah, just call me back if you get this. I love you."
I had to chuckle when I listened to it. I called him back and we talked, and what do you know...I relented. That was the longest drive home from Rome ever. I couldn't wait to see our new pup.
We had been talking about what to name our hypothetical puppy for a few weeks. Finally we decided on Zero. It has two meanings. First it is Jack Skeleton's dog's name in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas which is one of Jason's favorite movies (note the shirt). The other reason we are quite proud of. He represents a huge accomplishment for us because as soon as Uncle Sam pays us back for the interest free loan we have given him all year, we will mail in our last car payment, and we will be DEBT FREE!! Oh yes, Dave Ramsey will be so proud, we are moving on up in the university!
We are just loving this little guy. Some things we've learned about him in our first few days together include...
- He is suprisingly lethargic for a puppy (which I LOVE). He is so content to just lay around, and likes to lay under the couch or chair.
- Yes, you read right, we (the people who swore we would never, ever have animals inside) have had a puppy indoors all week (and totally loved it). His fence is being built now (minor set back, he fits through the holes), so he will be an outside dog, he just doesn't know it yet.
-The vet told us she thinks he will be a big dog (darn), this morning at the vet he weighed 11 pounds. Why can't they stay little forever?
-I counted back and i think he was born around the beginning of Febuary. We are going to say it was 2/1/10, since that is his Aunt Amory's birthday and it will be east for me to remember.
-He does this cute prance type run (Jason says "My Dog does NOT prance), haha. When he starts running he kinda thows his head back like his feet start moving too quickly for the rest of his body. So cute!! He also sits down really funny. He kind of plops down and then throws his feet out from under him.
- He likes to chew, but hasn't gotten into trouble yet. My Dad calls him Chewbacka, har har. Although he got a hold of my computer cord for a split second, but I rescued it. On second thought, that might necessitate me getting that MAC... hmmm, Oh Zero!
-He does NOT like being couped up or being alone. The only real mischeif he has created so far is that he pawed his way through a canvas kennel we borrowed from a friend. Grrrrrr...
-He is a great cuddler, and great to "talk" to. Don't you just love that about dogs?
-We've played the "Who's boy are you" game by standing on opposite sides of the yard and calling him. So far, he runs to Jason each time. I think it's just because Jason is a better whistler, he will be a Mama's boy in time.
-He has already picked up a few nicknames, including Z and Boo Boo.
- Everyone who meets him is absolutely smitten by him. We took him to church on Wednesday and he just laid and listened to his Daddy give the lesson. He is a Jesus loving pup for sure.
Our new family of three. :)

We are definately embracing the whole Puppy-as-practice-for-a-baby thing. I kinda feel like he is a newborn baby except that we can lock him in the garage. My parents and siblings have fallen in love too and embrace him as their new grand-pup. Mom even "kept" him on Thursday and said it was how might be when we have kids. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of like it when Jason tells him to "go to Mama", haha!

Overall, we are loving these puppy days, and we know, like everything else, they will go by so quickly.

PS: To my Berry pals, I've already been telling Zero about Mountain Day and he is SO excited!!!


  1. I love the PS! Can't wait to meet him!

  2. I am honored and can't wait till Little Nephew Z comes over...

  3. Thank you SO much for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. It was SO GOOD to hear that my blog has been an encouragement in your teaching. I really do LOVE my job!!! It makes me so sad to hear people talking negatively about teaching, it really IS an honor. :) I'll definitely be back to visit your blog and hear about your cute little puppy!!! :)