Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a Weekend...

  Last weekend was so great, and definitely one for the books. My only regret is that I didn't take any pictures, but I wanted to document the wonderfulness of it all...

Friday Night: Jason worked super duper late (9:00 pm, he has never ever worked anywhere close to this late before). But it turned out okay because I spent the afternoon on the couch, and then went to dinner at Applebee's with my parents and brother. It was a nice night of talking and enjoying each other. It was especially good because we got some bad news at work on Friday, our principal said she is losing allotments, which means people will be losing their jobs. Scary? Yes. But, I'm calm and just trusting God. Worrying about it won't change a darn thing, so I'm choosing to trust. Talking all of it over with my parents helped out too. Great night.
 Saturday: What a day!! I woke up at 830, because I had quite the journey ahead of me. I was meeting Leigh, Saxon, and Judy in Leigh's new apartment just outside of Buckhead. I was ready to face my anxiety of driving in Atlanta and I conquered every bit of 575, 75, 285, and 400. Boo yah. I only made one simple U turn and only got yelled at one time, haha!! It was really nice, and I felt liberated for conquering it.

It was so wonderful to see those girls. We all brought brunch foods, and we had an absolute blast! It is just so wonderful to be with people who believe the same things you do, in the same stage of life, and who love/support/ and pray for you. What an absolute honor. We talked about everything from weddings to marriage to faith to jobs to bridesmaid dresses to family to whatever.

My next stop was Kennesaw to meet up for lunch with Jessica and Allie! Oh how I love them! We ate at Panera and sat outside and talked for over, get this, 3 hours! Ha! It was divine. So great to catch back up, and re-evaluate our 5 year plans, ha!! I can't tell you how much I loved it. The only thing missing was the presence of some other dear friends, Specifically of Amory, that was the only thing that could have made the day better.

Between these two rendezvous, I realized two things. One, no matter how wonderful my husband is, he will never be one of my girlfriends. My wise husband has often encouraged me to be sure to keep talking and hanging our with these girls. He so wisely said "If you don't hang out with them, you will loose them, and those are some great girls!" So right he is, and I'm so glad to take the time to hang out with these amazing ladies. They just fulfill a different need that I have. For goodness sakes I girltalked for a total of 5 hours that day! And of course we could have talked 5 more without a problem!!

I also realized another wonderful thing by being with people of my same age, stage, and faith. That being, I DONT have to have it all figured out. These girls reminded me of that, we are still young and so much of our lives are not yet decided. I suppose the fact that most of my co-workers are further along in their careers, I often feel like I should have my life on cruise control, but you know what, my fabulous friends don't and I don't either! Amen and hallelujah!

I DO have to confess that I had been missing my husband that day. But he was happily playing paintball that day with some guy pals. So I was very happy to come home and then go out with him to my In-laws house for a good 'ol cook-out with the whole family. I just adore my second family. It was a wonderful night of good food, great convos on the porch, and awesome times of playing outside (a fierce game of freeze tag between Jason, me, Madison, Tiffiany, and Shane).

Sunday: I know this is getting long, but I can't stop without telling about Sunday. I look forward to Sundays all week. It is my favorite day of the week. Going to church and worshiping and and learning corporately, is just phenomenal. I feel like it is when I get my battery charged. Plus, we are just in awe of how God is moving at our church and in our lives lately. I just love Sundays. This one was no different.

After church, we grabbed some lunch, and then I went shopping with my Mom!! Once again we had some great conversations (I think I used up more than my share of "words" this weekend as they say), and I got an Easter dress and one other dress at Ann Taylor Loft. Pictures to come! Edit: I had a duh moment..why not show the dresses from the site...

Here is the one I am gonna wear for Easter...

Knit Dress with Pleated Ruffles

The day ended with choir practice at 5, and night service at 7. Just wonderful. Sometime soon, I wanna do a blog post on just what I love about Sundays, because I sure do.

Overall, one heck of a weekend, wouldn't you agree? I am blessed.

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  1. Boo! Your whole wonderful weekend didn't have even one SMIDGEN of me! That is terribly sad. I demand some sisterly bonding time :)