Saturday, March 27, 2010

A totally shallow and materialistic post...

   If you know me, you know I am Queen Saver girl. It's hard for me to commit to buying a shirt. I could go weeks without spending any money on myself, and when I do buy stuff, I am always looking for a deal.   However, there are a few things on my list that i would love (and plan to) own sometime during my life. So, for your viewing pleasure, something completed shallow and materialistic, a stuff dream book...

Yes please. Probably number one on my list is a really nice camera and harddrive video camera. I don't know what I prefer yet between Nikon and Cannon for either, I need to research to see what would fit our needs best. I want to have these before we have kids, you know, they have to be well documented!
This is probably what I want most now. Have I mentioned that my laptop is on its very last leg; it's had the blue screen of death several times, frequently has to have its battery taken out to restart, and to top it off, is missing the "g". Each time I type that letter I either paste it in or have the spellcheck correct it. Yeah. And just look at that Mac, they are just bad. Drool.

Next, a Dyson Vacuum. Maybe a weird dream list item, but I have heard nothing but awesome stuff about these! And the ball, I mean how cool is that?

No, I don't want a kangeroo. A dream of Jason and mine is to take a trip to Australia. Why not?


  1. I want a little joey! But we are having a hard enough time trying to get daddy to build me a fence for a dog! I don't think a kangaroo would make the cut :)

  2. Hahaha, you threw me for a loop when you posted the kangaroo pic, but I'm happy to know that Australia is your dream. Not a baby roo.
    And as far as the Dyson goes, I just finished writing on someone's facebook status, claiming them to be the "it" of all vacuums. Seriously, it's worth the money. And use a bed, bath, and beyond 20% coupon. amen, amen.