Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hungry, why wait?

When is the last time you forgot to eat?

The first response to this question is probably, "never". I know it is for me. I mean sometimes as soon as I finished one meal, I am thinking about the next one. In fact, I am notorious for being rather cranky if I don't eat. We spend a whole lot of time, money, and energy buying, preparing, and eating physical food.

But, of course, this question isn't referring to brownies or bananas. The real question is when is the last time you forgot to eat of the living bread. I wish my answer was the same, but it isn't.

This was the topic tonight at church. The preacher even asked us to raise our hands if we had read the whole Bible through. He also told a story about how he took his TV to a landfill and hasn't had one since because he knew watching it was a waste of his time. The part of the sermon that totally rocked my world was that "you can not and will not be effective for Christ if you aren't spending time daily with his word." Just like we would not go a day with out physical food, my prayer and desire is that I will never go a single day without partaking in the word. Jason and I talked about this the whole ride home, and we decided that each time we eat physical food we will also eat of the word. In fact, I placed a bible, journal, pen, and reading plan on one of the dining room chairs we don't use.

Beth Moore said this on her blog tonight..."Lord, please grant him an unusual, contagious love for You and a voracious appetite for Your Word." I pray this also for me and you, that we would have an unquenchable thirst for the word, and that it would continually flood our hearts and minds.

May we never starve ourselves and fall into a coma again. The time is evil and we must redeem each moment we have on earth. May we never offer an excuse, and may we examine how we are spending time time you give us.

PS: This is a wonderful blog  that talks about daily scripture time at the table, and other ways to "walk with Him":

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