Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week off: to-do list

   So, this week I'm off from work. The breaks teachers have really are awesome. Every 6 weeks= a week off, it's just awesome! So as a glimpse into my life for you, and a reminder of this time later for me. I give to-do list for the week:

Workout everyday
Wally world run
fix pillows
mistreat bedroom windows (see here for definition:
oil change in car
list e-bay stuff
take taxes
call ATT to ask about discount
file pile-o-papers
finalize grad school stuff
clean baseboards
deep clean stove/microwave
hang out with Amory and Allie :)
go to bookstore and get "Reunion" and "so long insecurity"
change decor behind couch and dining room table

Edit: Whoo Hoo!!
So thankful for the opportunity to do all this! Somebody ask me at the end of the week, how much I actually did! Ha!

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  1. No worries lady...I'll be checking in! You know I looooove a good to-do run down! :) xxxoo