Tuesday, February 16, 2010

These are the good 'ol days...

    An odd thing has happened to me since I've been married. You see I've never been that girl that sat and pined away for the time I would be a wife and a mother. In fact, I would roll my eyes at my friends who would insists on stopping in the baby section at gap on our weekly visit (hi Am, love you). I've always wanted to be a mother, but it wasn't something that preoccupied my thoughts. For whatever reason, that has changed over the past few months. Now, as I fall asleep or am alone with my thoughts, they usually center around...babies. I don't know what caused the switch. Maybe the fact that it is a possibility now, maybe its because my parents frequently say stuff like "just wait til we have grandkids", maybe it's because my heart absolutely melts when I see how wonderful Jason is with kids and how much he loves them, maybe the Lord is preparing my heart for an unexpected early blessing? Who knows why, but I can now be found perusing the baby section in Target, doodling baby names, and reading books and blogs about pregnancy and babies.

   In the "timeline", (oh, the timeline), I would love to make this dream a reality the summer of 2012 (pregnancy, that is). But, a thought keeps entering my brain... 
These are the good 'ol days.
   These days of weekly date nights, relaxing evenings, lazy Saturdays, and sleeping in. These days of little responsibility, of easily saving money, of only taking care of myself, of doing what I want to do all day. These days of  quiet mornings, of long showers, of getting lost in a book all afternoon.  These days of afternoon journaling, of checking my favorite blogs, of frequent dinners out. These days of leisurely strolling through Wal-mart hand in hand, of taking my time getting ready, of  checking everything off my to-do list. These days of car dance parties, of spontaneous trips to the movies, of long talks over dinner. These days of dreaming about trips to Australia, of clean houses, of having Jason all to myself. 

   Just us :)

   These days are precious, and as soon as we have a baby, they will be over. So I will cherish this time of just my husband and I, but you still may see me in the baby section :).



  1. Beautifully said! God is good and He will bless you when His time is right! But you know something, we didn't try until we were married for 2.5 years...but every month I was a teeny bit sad. For like one second. Seriously...it was fleeting. Because it was the best time of my life. Being newly married and experiencing all of those things you just listed. Enjoy it while you have it. Life will bring a whole new "normal" once baby arrives. It will be the new "best time of your life". But you can never go back to visit this one~