Friday, January 22, 2010

Livin the dream...

In July, when I still didn't have a job for this school year. I remember driving by schools in my county and longing for a classroom of my own. Now, six months later, I sit in one of those classrooms, and I am still completely humbled and thankful that God blessed me with this job this year. It was nothing short of a miracle, and I don't take it for granted.

So, I thought I would share where I spend most of my day. Come on in!

Every time I see that name on the door, I smile and think about how I'm livin the dream.

This is just inside the door. If you can't see, the orange piece of paper is a quote wall (shout out, Ford Staff!). Then the shelf which includes my bulletin board and tikki hut lights that were in my dorm, ha! Grab a novel on your way in!

This is the fridge, for awesome work, duh.

The next corner has bookshelves and my amazing flamingo lamp! It also has my word wall, and a mirror so paranoid girls can check their hair while sharpening their pencil (cuts down on trips to the bathroom).

This is the back wall with the computers and Active Reading strategies on the wall.

This is my corner. : )

Here are some close ups of stuff on my desk. On the left are some important pictures. First, my lovely bridesmaids and myself! Then, the double picture frame is my source of teaching inspiration. The bottom picture is of my friend Katie and I at our 6th grade graduation with my favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Cheek. Above is a picture of my mentor teacher, Mr. Jones and I. The post-it note on the picture frame says "Chin-up, you are my inspiration and you will be the inspiration where you are-I can assure you of that." That was just a snip-it of a conversation I had with Mr. Jones earlier this year. Yeah, he is pretty much amazing. He changed my life.

The picture on the right has a picture of Jas and I (sorry for the glare), random supplies, and also the Chuck Norris folder AJ gave us last year. Totally use that and take it to faculty meetings, ha!

This is the next wall. On the left is my rockin bulletin board. It says "If learning is a highway, we're gonna ride it all year long". The pieces of paper have all the standards we are learning this year. Each time we finish a unit, the car (dubbed "The reading Rider" and formally known as the Knight Rider) moves to the next "exit". My students love this, and some still ask me how the car moves. Haha! On the right is a thing called Mountain Language. It's basically a daily grammar practice thing. Each number has a specific question that goes with it and I change it out weekly. It's a really great program!

Finally, the front of the room. Complete with podium, flag, and smart board.
Ok, well eager minds are currently entering that very door, so I gotta run. I always pray that this classroom will be a haven of love especially for those students who don't often receive it. I'm so thankful for my opportunity to love and influence daily.


  1. Chels, I love that you did this! Thank you! I love seeing your classroom - thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I agree, this is so much fun! Thanks for letting us in on your world!