Friday, December 4, 2009

Snapshot 12/4/09

Friday night. Wonderful day at work. Laughed a lot with my students, read "Hoot" aloud, talked about bein a Cherokee county native, the uselessness of greed, and what it means to be selfless. Felt like I was making a difference. Ephesians 6 rocked my world. Drew a picture of myself with the armor of god on, proclaimed that the shield of faith can extinguish every fiery dart of the evil one.

Came home, watched Ellen. Jason worked late. Read "Mistaken Identity". Fell asleep on the couch. Jason came home. Love seein him walk in the door. Talk forever about where to eat dinner. Ended up at Longhorn's. People watched and eavesdropped. Laughed a lot. Enjoyed each other.

Went to Wal-mart for groceries. Pointed out cute kids. Talked about what we pictured for our own: "Boy then girl?then adopt? or three of our own (boy, girl, girl)? or maybe just two? the world is make for families of 4? but that doesn't seem like a lot?" Thought about if I would stay at home with kids. Spent about 50$ on stuff like Frosted Flakes and puddin (Jason's picks), stuff for 2 new recipes (pasta with peanut butter in the sauce and a Mexican casserole), and then the normal milk, bread, and bananas. Played a game in Wal-mart trying to shoot stuff in the cart and block the other person's. Jason looked at toys and bu-rays and put random stuff in the cart to see if I notice, as always.

Came home. Put up the groceries. Playfully threw the food at each other. Raced each other to the bathroom (TMI?). Put on PJs. Assumed normal relaxation positions: me laying on the futon and Jason in the recliner. plugged in the Christmas tree.

Now watching "gremlins" (Jason swore it is Christmasy-it is.) I'm lookin at random blogs (mostly Mom blogs). Typin all this without a "g" on my laptop keyboard (paste it in every time). Thinking about grad school, house buying, and babies. Jas is e-bayin while watching. He randomly says "Love you Chels". Think about how I love being married. Think about what an amazing husband I have.

Life could not be better.


  1. Can you do this all the time please?

  2. I love your posts Chels. The joy and FUN with which you and Jason live life makes me so happy. Thanks for modeling this kind of Christ filled marriage.. I'm looking forward to having one of my own someday, you make me realize how very possible it is. Thanks. love you.

  3. P.S. Wish we could have a coffee date! :)