Monday, September 28, 2009

gratitude community: 1000 gift list

Ten things I'm thankful for today...

0001: My Savior, and that I can call Him Father.

0002: Beautiful music like that inspires me to lead a more beautiful life.

0003: My husband. The fact that he loves me cranky, sad, silly, mad,...unconditionally. The fact that He puts my needs before his. The fact that this weekend he patiently drove around for 10 minutes on restaurant row while I pouted and said I didn't know what I wanted, and then returned to the first restaurant we stopped at and happily ate there. Then saw me eyeing an overpriced cookie at the mall, and insisted on buying us both one. All to make me happy.

0004: That fact that I get to go stand before a classroom full of 8th graders in a few hours.

0005: Spiritual growth

0006: Wake up calls to remind me to be grateful. Like this Saturday, after complaining about the "eh day", reading a message from a dear friend about her boyfriend who wrecked him motorcycle and is now paralyzed from the chest down.

0007: Biting my tongue instead of complaining and tearing another down.

0008: Waking up right away with the alarm (a miracle!) and having this time this morning.

0009: A gentle reminder from my heavenly Father that all He wants to do is hold me and sing over me.

0010: Lessons in humility that I hope I don't forget. Learning that Christ's way is different that the world's way. Striving. Seeking. Maturing.

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