Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today is the eve of the eve of my wedding day. So much has occurred since that beautiful day in March when Jas told me that he will love and pursue me forever. This road to June 20th has been a long one. Filled with much anticipating, researching, stressing, wishing, crying, laughing, and dreaming. But it's here. I'm not sure I quite believe it, but it really is here. My prayer for this week has been that my focus would not be on flowers, make-up, and photos, but rather on my Savior and my future husband. The most important thing about this Saturday is that I am making a vow to the maker of the universe and to the person I love most on this earth. I can't wait to be married to Jason, I pray that I never forget what a gift he is. I can't wait to be relaxing next week in paradise with him. I can't wait to see what our Father has in store for us as a couple and the adventures He will take us on. I can't wait until we are blessed with children and their laughter fills our house. I can't wait to be sitting on a front porch with Jason, crinkled and old, and watching the sun set....But as for now, I can't wait until this Saturday, my wedding day.

Everyone has told me how it flies by. How you can't even remember who you talked to or what you saw because it is such a whrilwind. One of my dear friends was married just two weeks ago and she offered this advice...
Savor every moment

She told me to do everything with complete intentionality. That when I said my vows, to really say them. When I taste my cake, to really taste it. When I talk to guests, really talk to them.

So in honor of the endless checklists I created and checked off during the planning of this weekend. I'll end with one last wedding check list...

  • Center your focus on Jesus and Jas.
  • Do everything with intention.
  • Savor every moment.