Monday, January 5, 2009

email to Angie

If you haven't heard Audrey's story yet, then it's pretty much mandatory that you go read it, right now. Below is the email I wrote Angie. I wanted to post it because it speaks volumes about our God and word he has done in my life.

I've tried to write this email several times, but somehow the words would escape me. In short, I'm one more person to add to the list of people who has been touched by you, Audrey, and your story.
I seriously can't remember how I happened upon your blog, obviously it was the Father's careful orchestration. I was led to it last Fall, and spent an entire afternoon devouring every word. I cried and prayed and asked God to touch you. I had no idea how much more the words would mean to me. A few weeks later I received one of those life changing phone calls. It was my Mom. They had just been told that my 24 year old brother's nagging cough was not from pneumonia, it was a cancerous tumor in his chest.
I fell to the floor of my dorm room and cried out to God. I had never, ever felt so alone. My family was hurting and so far away, and I felt like I needed to be strong for them. My friends wanted so badly to help, but I couldn't talk to them. I locked myself in my room. I was so angry. Why? Why us? We love you! We serve you! I tried to pray, but I could only moan. It wasn't even that the circumstance were so dire. It was just that, for the first time, I felt abandoned, deserted, betrayed, and alone.
I pleaded with God to show himself to me. The God that parted the red sea, that healed the sick, that raised Jesus from the dead, that saved my own soul, SHOW YOURSELF! And then, He did. The almighty God spoke. He spoke through the 3 lb body of Audrey Caroline. He said, "YOU AREN'T ALONE!". I could feel him again. I could feel him as I read and reread every word on your blog. I could feel him as I listened to "all I can say" on your playlist. I could feel him as your blog directed me to think about Jesus in Gethsemane when he too felt
abandoned, deserted, betrayed, and alone.
So, what I'm trying to say is "thank you". Thank you for being Audrey's voice because her story taught me one of the biggest truths I have ever learned. How cool is that? The girl only lived for a few hours, and she's changing lives.
I now proudly count myself among the ranks of the "Sundays", and read your blog all the time. I'm going to try to start commenting, because I just created my own blog (www.rootedinloveeph3.blogspot) and I feel that if I comment I'm not a creeper! Haha! I will continue to pray for you, and laugh with you, and tell everyone that will listen about Audrey's story.

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